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How to create a digital business card with a QR code

A digital business card is an advanced business card that contains contact details and other relevant business information. This type of business card is built for the modern world, as you can easily share it digitally.

Make your digital business card more advanced with a QR code, where you can embed all your contact details, links to websites, social media accounts, and more. This way, you can give people different channels to reach you, helping you build more connections quickly.

You can easily create one using a free graphic design tool online, such as Canva. The best part is that this tool is user-friendly and offers ready-made digital business card templates.

You can just choose a business card template or create a new one to customize it accordingly to your liking. Thus, you won’t have to dwell much on how to design your own from scratch.

Prepare the business card with your complete details and desired design. Once you’re through, don’t download it yet, since you still have to add a QR code.

You’ll need a QR code generator online software like QRTIGER or Free QR Code Generator to create a vCard QR code for your business card.

This dynamic QR code solution allows you to embed many data and edit it to update your details on demand. Aside from your contact details, you can add clickable links to websites and social media channels.

The best part? You can track its performance since it also provides data such as the number of scans and clicks on each social media platform. This way, you strategize your networking approach from time to time.

Finally, you can add the code to your business card template on Canva.

Simply upload your QR code image and add it to your business card template. Make sure to apply the correct size and placement of the QR code to make it easy to scan.

Generating a vCard QR code for your digital business card is as simple. Here’s how to make a personalized QR code for your business card:

Many QR code generator software are now available online. Choose the best QR code maker that meets your needs and can generate a dynamic QR code. One of the best QR code generators online is QRTIGER, which offers more than 16 QR code solutions.

On the homepage, click the “vCard,” which you can easily find on the menu. Then, enter the necessary contact information and other personal details. Make sure the details you entered are correct.

Once scanned, people will land on a mobile-optimized landing page where they can find all these details.

Finally, you can personalize your QR code by altering its appearance. Use and explore the customization tool to make your QR code attractive.

This tool has an excellent customization tool that allows you to change its pattern, eyes, colors, frame, and even add a logo.

Bonus tip on creating a vCard QR code: Customize your QR code and add a logo to make it more professional and reliable. Also, remember to test the generated QR code before downloading it and ensure the details are all correct.

Discover opportunities and unlock connections using a digital business card with a QR code. With a vCard QR code, you can create a business card that looks way more professional, advanced, and credible.

QRTIGER is a highly developed QR code generator designed to generate static and dynamic codes that can create QR codes for vCard, files, URLs, WiFi, Google forms, social media, and more.