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The Power of Streamers and Content Creators in The Business of Gaming

In days gone by, brands utilised professionals as their brand influencers. People such as scientists, doctors – as well as engineers – appeared in adverts to give integrity to a brand.  However, those approaches stopped working as people saw too much of them and stopped believing these paid professionals.

Consumer decision-making began to shift around this time. From being functional buyers who purchase for the features and quality of products to lifestyle and aspirational buyers who purchase to ascribe to a specific lifestyle that is shown by celebrities.  This shift opened the way for a new and exciting class of brand influencers – celebrities.

After years and years of celebrities controlling every single marketing channel, consumers began to lose their belief in these stars, as a lot of people gained access to just how much brands fork out to their celebrity endorsers.

This gap created a requirement for newer brand influencers.

The Rise of The Brand Influencer

Owing to the snowballing popularity of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok in addition to the emergence of streaming sites such as YouTube, Twitch and Facebook Live, a lot of people began developing their own content, swapping out traditional celebrities.

Today, there are millions upon millions of internet celebrities all over the globe – from social media lifestyle influencers right down to gurus and entertainers. All have followers that range from a few couple of thousand to tens of millions.

This gigantic reach and engagement motivated brands to shift their budget to micro-influencers. A 2019 study, brands spend approximately 40% of their influencer budget on micro-influencers as opposed to 28% on celebrity influencers.

Gaming Content Creators are Young Yet Professional

They are genuine and passionate about their work and are always looking to better their skills. It is they, who via their high-spirited energy as well as engaging content, have effectively made it very easy for the common masses to relate to and enjoy the games. Creators are on a persistent quest to display constant performance and smartly engage with its varied followers.

They would spend hours to get a deeper understanding of the trends, would evaluate their audience’s expectations, their mood in the live sessions and would also try to determine the unique ways to make sure that they are kept interested towards itself.

In addition, they must be very careful regarding what and how they present because their viewers include followers as young as 10-year-olds to 50-year-olds. The persistent research work and the zeal to curate original content assists them with keeping on building viewers’ interest so making gaming content creators and influencers the perfect segment to promote any type of gaming products or tech products via their channel.

Concentrate on Hyping Up Live Events such as Streams, Announcements and Competitions

The increasing popularity of livestreaming is well-documented. Gamers are always on the hunt for new content to have a look at, preferably in real-time. This is why so much of social media for gamers is arranged around forming a sense of hype. After all, building anticipation gets people talking (and eventually tuning in).

When in Doubt, Lean into Humour and Memes

Humour goes hand in hand with social media and gamers. Attribute it to appealing to a far younger audience or a demographic which is constantly online. Either way, the common thread between studios both big and small is a humorous brand voice which doesn’t take itself too seriously. If nothing else, memes have a very high likelihood for shares and are a welcome break from just promotional content. Having fun with your audience is very important to building a sense of community.

Be Quite Transparent When There’s a Problem

Do you remember what we said about gamers being ardent and opinionated? The very same rules are applicable when they’re going off about a bug or problem with whatever game they’re playing. Simply stated, don’t attempt to sweep bugs or server outages under the rug. If you’re having any type of challenges, be clear and transparent about these. Own them.

Why is Twitch Popular Among Game Developers?

Twitch is an American live-streaming video service that is owned by Amazon. originally began as, in 2007, which started with a single channel featuring a 24/7 live stream of Justin Kan’s life. Later It expanded into a network of channels letting anyone broadcast videos online. The devoted gaming segment of the website moved to Twitch, resulting in the shutdown of to focus on rebranding to Twitch Interactive in 2014. Amazon ultimately acquired the service.

While Twitch is becoming popular among non-gaming communities, it’s very much still dominated by game-related content. If you google what exactly Twitch is, you’ll see that many sources says that it’s a streaming platform for gamers. Put another way, this is the platform where game development companies search for their target audience.

One of the number one reasons why Twitch is very popular in the gaming community is its wealth of long-form video content. Live streams on Twitch can take a few hours, and this makes them a perfect tool for game reviews. Twitchers can cover games like those on offer at Lucky Creek or video games in-depth, and they can engage their audience for an extended period of time. It’s the opposite of reels and other short-form platforms like TikTok. This means that Twitch is very different from other social media platforms and has its own specifics when it comes down to influencer marketing.

The Best Way of Promoting Your RPG on Twitch with Influencer Marketing

When it comes to starting a successful influencer marketing campaign for a particular game, there are several steps which you need to keep in mind.

It all begins with the obvious – your goal and success metrics (in other words your key performance indicators). Also, you need to figure out your target audience, find the correct influencers and then take a creative look at your sponsored content.

These are the common steps that are recommended for every gaming marketing campaign. However, Twitch is quite different from other social media platforms and has its own specifics when it comes to influencer marketing.